Social Media

We invite our members to engage in cooperative communications through our social media channels. Follow us to stay informed on news, outages, safety information and energy efficiency tips.

Cloverland Electric Cooperative Social Media Policy

Cloverland Electric Cooperative welcomes and encourages interaction with its members through our social media channels. We use social media channels to inform members about programs, services and issues that are pertinent to their electrical service and energy needs. These channels also allow us to showcase community outreach activities throughout our service area.

Through our social media channels, we hope to can engage our members openly, while fostering and maintaining a clean, productive and informative environment. Posted comments and content do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Cloverland.

Co-op members: your ideas and comments are important to us to ensure a broad range of community members are informed and engaged. While we encourage your participation on our social media channels, we expect comments to be respectful.

While we do not discriminate against our members’ views, Cloverland social media channel administrators reserve the right to remove inappropriate posts. Inappropriate posts include vulgar or offensive language and overly aggressive posts about Cloverland, its members, board of directors or employees. Please respect the privacy of our employees and board members by refraining from posting any identifying information (name, affiliations, etc.) in comments.

Thank you for your cooperation in making Cloverland Electric Cooperative’s social media channels a positive place for interacting with our members.