Does the board receive a stipend for committee meetings?

As a matter of policy, dating back to the acquisition of Edison Sault Electric in 2010, the board budgeted funds for committee meeting stipends, but an actual payment amount for attending a committee meeting was never defined. There have been questions as to a $100 stipend that has been or could be paid out for committee meetings. Staff cannot identify where any director has been paid $100 for a committee meeting. As a point of clarification, staff reviewed expenditures since the two organizations merged and could only find a few examples where directors were paid the special meeting rate for executive committee meetings which were human resources related. Since 2018 there have only been two committee meetings and no directors were compensated.

In August 2018 a motion was approved by the board of directors that effective January 2019, director pay will drop from $800 to $600 for regular monthly meetings and from $400 to $200 for special meetings. The chairperson receives an additional $200 for regular board meetings only.