I can’t help what my system demand is. Why am I being penalized?

There is no penalty for the demand that a member sets: every household using electric service has “demand,” and have always paid for it. Demand charges were bundled with a portion in the energy charge and a portion in the facilities charge. Cloverland measures demand and will itemize the bill separately, giving members the opportunity to observe and control it.

Unbundled charges for demand more fairly distribute the costs of providing service to those members who use large amounts of electricity at one time. In the existing rates, charging more for energy to cover demand costs overcharges the most efficient members and gives that money to members creating higher overall costs for the system.

Cloverland builds and plans its distribution system to meet each member’s system demand needs even when it is not a daily occurrence. Equipment to meet all 34,000+ members’ demand is always on standby and ready to immediately meet any increased need for electricity. We have your electric needs covered day and night as part of our mission.