Why did the board vote to change the district lines against the recommendation of staff and why did they go into effect immediately in 2019?

At the November 2018 regular meeting, the Cloverland Board reviewed the membership districts and the number of members in each district. According to the Cloverland By-laws, a review of the membership districts is to be performed annually, but it had not been done for several years. The board discussed the rationale for including Moran township in District C since many of the members residing there have more of a connection to the St. Ignace area. The board reviewed the number of members included in each district if Moran township was moved to District A and Chippewa and Hulbert townships were moved to District C (from District B). Given that this change did not result in any district having a significant disparity in the number of members, the board voted to amend the districts to allow for Moran township to be included in the district.

Membership Districts (from Cloverland’s Bylaws)

  1. Members shall be grouped into three membership districts based upon location of receipt of electric service.
  2. The Board shall establish membership districts which shall contain approximately the same number of members. Annually, the Board may review the composition of these districts and if it should be found that inequities in representation have developed which can be corrected by a reconstitution of districts, the board shall reconstitute them so that each shall contain approximately the same number of members.