Why doesn’t Cloverland generate more of its energy from renewable resources?

In 2018 Michigan required a utility to generate or purchase a minimum of 10% of its retail sales from renewable sources. From an energy requirements perspective, Cloverland generated or purchased almost 50% of its energy needs from renewable resources with over 48.2% from local hydroelectric generation facilities. Admittedly, Cloverland does not generate or purchase much by way of wind and solar generation. Through a purchased power agreement with WE Energies (former parent company of Edison Sault) executed in 2010, Cloverland is prohibited from purchasing capacity and/or energy from any other provider unless WE Energies allows the purchase. While Cloverland is actively looking for options under this contract to enhance the reliability of our service territory and reduce costs, adding wind and solar generation likely won’t be a viable option until the contract terminates in 2029.