New Construction

Linemen standing in front of Cloverland truck.The following steps are required for new service. Once these steps are complete, you can anticipate Cloverland crews beginning construction of your service. Please be aware that inclement weather, power outages and customer-requested design changes can cause delays.


Service Application

Complete and return the service application by visiting the Request New Service form and include a sketch of your building site. Show all existing and proposed underground facilities such as water lines, septic tanks, drain fields, along with phone, electric, gas, and cable TV lines.

Service Route

The service route from the transformer to the service location must be cleared per Cloverland specifications.

Line Extension Charges

A free on-site evaluation and written price estimate are available upon request. Members may submit their requests online using the Request New Service form.

Construction Fees

Construction fees must be paid in full before we will proceed with the construction of your service. Cost estimates for the work performed will be based on rough grade restoration.

Electrical Permit

An electrical permit is required. If you will be doing the work yourself, you must apply for the permit. If you are planning to hire an electrical contractor, the contractor will apply for the permit. Permit applications may take two or more weeks for processing. View the Michigan Electrical Permit Application (PDF).

Service Equipment

Before we can make the service connection, the meter socket, disconnect panel, and related items must be installed per Cloverland specifications and applicable electrical codes.


We require a signed easement before the service is installed. Easements may also be required from adjoining property owner(s). This process can take a number of months.

Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspector must approve the service. If you are completing the work yourself, it is up to you to schedule the inspection; otherwise, the electrical contractor will do it for you. Once your service is approved, the electrical inspector will notify our member services department and provide us with an official release.

Before contacting an electrical inspector, contact your local Cloverland Staking Technician for your area by calling (906) 635-6800.

Connection & Membership Fees

All new service applicants will be required to pay a one-time $5 co-op membership fee and any other applicable construction fees as approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission. For details, please refer to the Construction Policy in the applicable rates and rules provided on our Rates and Charges page.

Winter Charges

November 14-April 30: Winter charges may apply if ground conditions permit installation at all. Additional charges for road crossing permits, DNRE permits, conduit, and cabinets may apply if required for the installation.