Cloverland Electric Dafter Generation Plant Oil Leak

Cloverland Electric Cooperative’s Dafter generation plant, located on M-128, experienced an equipment malfunction that leaked oil into a nearby retention pond. Cloverland immediately contacted Mackinac Environmental who responded immediately, and clean-up efforts are underway. The cause was determined to be a fuel separator that was overrun by runoff water from flooding associated with snow melt.

As part of Mackinac Environmental’s five-part Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan, the Cooperative will complete the following steps regarding the leaked oil:

  • clean up oil and water within the building;
  • remove the pipe leading from the pump to the pond and surrounding dirt;
  • dewater the pond and surrounding dirt; disposed of removed dirt in a sanitary rated landfill;
  • investigate for groundwater and soil contamination outside the building and develop a remediation plan if contamination is found;
  • determine a long-term solution for the water discharge.

National and local agencies were contacted including Dafter Township Fire Department. In addition, Michigan’s Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) was notified and will remain informed of clean-up efforts.

“To assure our members, Cloverland staff is on top of the oil leak as to cause and both short-term corrections and long-term solutions, including needed remediation of any environmental affects that occurred from the leak,” said Pat Frazier, Cloverland Electric’s Chief Operating Officer.