Cloverland Electric Responds to Recent Phishing Campaign

Recently, Cloverland Electric Cooperative was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article focused on cyberattacks on utilities. Earlier this year, Cloverland and other utilities were contacted by the FBI regarding a phishing email campaign sent to companies in the US energy sector. The Wall Street Journal’s recent reporting focused on a phishing scam referred to as “Lookback.”

As a result of the FBI call, Cloverland conducted an internal investigation of its information systems. The investigation yielded no unusual activity and there was no indication that its member information, data, networks, or information technology infrastructure had been compromised.

Cloverland has invested in layered security platforms that monitor, detect, and block potential cyber threats. Cloverland remains vigilant in its efforts to strengthen and secure its member information, data, networks, and infrastructure, which includes an employee training program focused on phishing identification exercises. Phishing campaigns and other threats are not uncommon and the co-op encourages all members to exercise caution with suspicious emails.