Important Reminder from Cloverland Electric’s CEO

Last Friday, we announced our precautions amid the COVID-19 epidemic, including the temporary closure of our Dafter member service center. In a week’s time, we have moved swiftly to take even more protective measures to safeguard our workforce and to be proactive in our communities. We have moved many of our staff to work remotely from home and implemented social distancing protocol for field-based employees at our five divisions and hydro plant.

Even with more uncertainty ahead, we have contingency plans in place to ensure your service is reliable. Although many of our staff are working remotely, we remain at full operational capacity. We are committed to keeping the lights on – especially as we are all dependent on staying connected.

Unfortunately, there is no playbook that we can draw from in these circumstances. Like the New Year’s storm that was beyond any storm restoration in the co-op’s history, I am confident that we will weather this time in history with strength and perseverance. I am tremendously proud to work among such a dedicated team of employees who remain steadfast in our mission to bring safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to our members.


Mike Heise
President & CEO