Media Update: Spring Storm Causes Overnight Outages for 2,200 Co-op Members

March 24, 2022 - Wednesday's Spring storm caused power outages across Cloverland Electric Cooperative's service territory that peaked at 3,200 in the afternoon. High winds mixed with snow and rain caused extensive damage to 16 poles in the Garden Peninsula and numerous outages in the Manistique area. Restoration efforts reduced outage numbers by Wednesday evening, but approximately 2,200 co-op members were without power overnight.

Outage numbers fluctuated through the night and increased to 2,665 early Thursday morning. After required safety rest, crews will continue restoration efforts Thursday morning. With 10 broken poles and 6 more leaning poles all set in rock substrate in the Garden peninsula, restoration times will be lengthy. Crews from all five Cloverland divisions are on site in Manistique and the Garden peninsula and assisted by MJ Electric with special equipment to set poles in rock substrate.

Members whose power is not restored by 8 p.m. tonight should plan appropriately for another overnight outage and continue medical back-up plans. Crews will continue working late into the evening until safety rest is required. For outage updates, members can tune into Cloverland's Facebook page or