MOO-ove to Bigger Energy Savings

The increase in global population is placing greater demands on today’s farmers. With more mouths to feed, food production needs are on the rise. Operational efficiency and automation have become crucial for farmers to successfully meet growing demands. Unfortunately, increased production usually translates into increased energy consumption. Decreased cash flow and a lower bottom line is often the result. A modern dairy farm might use 25 percent of its total operation’s energy usage just in milk refrigeration! That’s a lot of energy going into your glass of milk at lunchtime. Graphic with a photo of Holstein cows stating, "have you heard of energy savings?" Promoting Energy Optimization's services.

Although it can be costly upfront, investing in energy-efficient farm equipment can have a positive long-term impact on energy usage and business profits. The Energy Optimization program understands that and is available to help you create an energy-savings plan. You may even qualify for cash incentives!

Incentives for Energy-Efficient Products & Equipment Receive cash back when you purchase and install energy-efficient measures such as:

  • Low-energy livestock waterers
  • Fans and controls
  • Milk handling equipment
  • Variable speed pumps & controllers
  • Dairy refrigeration tune-ups
  • Irrigation system upgrades
  • LED lighting indoors and outdoors
  • LED grow lights and poultry lights
  • Long-day lighting systems

Incentives for Custom Projects Have an energy efficiency project but you don’t see it on our list? The Energy Optimization program will work with you to provide incentives for other electrical energy efficiency projects designed to meet specific needs. Contact us to discuss your ideas!

Farm Energy Assessment A farm assessment is a great way to understand more about your farm’s energy usage. Give us a call and we can help you identify where and how to implement practical, energy-saving solutions at no cost to you.

A complete list of incentives is available at or call 877.296.4319 for details.