New Look for SmartHub Mobile

The SmartHub online and mobile app provides many features to help you manage your account(s), from billing and payment information, to detailed usage analysis. It’s a great tool to help you access your account information on-the-go or online. SmartHub is a product developed by a fellow cooperative – National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) – an industry leader who provides and supports many of our integrated platforms we use behind the scenes.

This week, NISC rolled out a new upgrade for the SmartHub mobile application that will help you get to the features you need quickly and efficiently. To update SmartHub mobile, visit your app store, search SmartHub, and click “update.” First, you’ll notice the mobile app will have a fresh, new look. When you open the app, you’ll be able to see your usage analysis right up front, or can contact us with the click of a button right from the home screen. Outage and billing alerts will also be displayed right on the home screen, making it easy for us to communicate important information with you. Billing, payment, and other features will be available with one click of a button in a new condensed menu.

“We have over 5,000 members who use SmartHub in a variety of ways and love the product,” says Director of Business Development and Communications, Wendy Malaska. “While most members use it for the convenience of monitoring their energy use and paying their bill, we have an increasing number of members who use it to report outages quickly and easily.”

Early next year, the same refreshed look and enhancements will be applied to SmartHub online (web version). While all the features you love about SmartHub now will still be available, we hope these updates will provide a more user-friendly and efficient experience.