Weathering Change

By Abby Bell

Dr. Lindsay Andrzejak standing outside her Andrzejak Family Chiropractic building.The renovation of the national weather station on West 14 Avenue in Sault Ste. Marie captured the attention of community residents and former weather station employees. Dr. Lindsay Andrzejak – owner of the newly restored building – has heard many stories from locals and visitors who enjoy stopping by to see the transformation and share memories. Andrzejak purchased and remodeled the property in March 2019 and it now serves as a modern chiropractic care facility for families in the Eastern Upper Peninsula (E.U.P.).

Andrzejak always knew she would someday become a doctor. She was so passionate about pursuing a career in healthcare that her high school tests were signed as “Dr. Andrzejak.” While attending Michigan State University, she discovered the healing benefits of chiropractic care and how people could be healed from within - often without use of surgeries and powerful medications. This knowledge propelled Andrzejak through college graduation and into Palmer College of Chiropractic. Andrzejak knew she wanted to establish her own practice and after graduation, she returned to the E.U.P to launch Andrzejak Family Chiropractic.

Chiropractic building during renovation“With only one other chiropractic care facility in Sault Ste. Marie at the time, it was an area of healthcare that the E.U.P had a niche for and I knew I could be successful,” said Andrzejak. Using social media and word of mouth, Andrzejak quickly grew her patient list.

“I was very blessed to be able to come home and start my practice in the community I care about,” Andrzejak said proudly. “It was always my goal to have my own building in ten years. After eight years of practice in a rental space, my dream came true.”

As soon as she walked in the doors of the old national weather station Andrzejak knew it was the right building.

“It found me,” Andrzejak explained. “I could envision it as my office and I just knew it was the right place.”

Inside of chiropractic building during renovationThe building remodel was completed in two months by McGahey Construction and Albert Heating and Cooling. Andrzejak invested in many energy efficient solutions including a new roof, heating and cooling system, windows, and complete duct system replacement.

June 2020 marked Andrzejak’s one-year anniversary in the transformed space. The new space enabled her to hire additional employees and expand her services to include massage therapy. She believes chiropractic care and massage therapy are one of the best combinations for long sustained relief.

Andrzejak says visitors often drop into the office to reminisce about the history of the building. Former employees of the national weather station drop in to see the transformation, talk about their shifts, or how weather measurements were performed. There is often a strong connection to this location since it is next to the airport that many locals flew from to reach Vietnam in the 70s.

“They want to talk about memories and are grateful that the building is once again operational,” said Andrzejak.

The remodel of the old weather station is a beautiful symbol of restoration that pays tribute to the healing mission of chiropractic care. Andrzejak took a leap of faith to turn an old weather station into a space of health and wellness.

“I am grateful and humbled to be trusted with the care of my patients,” says Andrzejak “It has been a wonderful nine years and I just want to keep putting good back into the community.”

Andrzejak Family Chiropractic building