Carmine Bonacci

District B Candidate - unopposed

Sault Ste. Marie

It has been my privilege to serve the past six years as a member of Cloverland Electric Board of Directors. During that time I worked with the other Directors to implement changes I promised when I first ran for the Cooperative board.

First being is to promote transparency by opening the monthly meetings to the public. Cloverland Electric Co-Operative is on the leading edge of the movement to open their monthly meetings to the public. More Co-Ops across the country beginning to move in this direction, and I am proud that we are among the leaders in this.

I am and have always been an advocate for the memberships I am always available by a simple phone call.

When first elected our equity ratio was very low. Borrowing money to fund work plans cost more due to the low equity. Through stronger fiscal oversight, the Co-Op has managed to improve our equity to about double what it was, or about 30%. We were able to reinstate capital credit payouts

Hiring a competent CEO. Was job one! Our present CEO has far exceeded our expectations' with his skills in Purchased Power Contracts PPC and with his Business acumen he has brought Cloverland in to a very stable financial position. His people skills have brought out the best in all our Employees and management.

We are at beginning of an very exciting new venture with the launch of ARC "American Rural Electric Cooperative" a new "Generation and Transmission Cooperative" That will provide the ability to give our members new revenue sources for greater enhanced services hi speed internet, cheaper power and other opportunities not available now.

It has been an honor to represent the membership, so I humbly ask for your continuing support.

Sincerely Carmine Bonacci