John Sawruk

District B Candidate

Sault Ste. Marie

My 30 years experience in management of Edison Sault Electric gave me a good background in the electric utility business.

The Co-Op utility is a different business model from the investor owned utility (IOU).

I took advantage of the opportunity and completed coursework offered by NRECA earning the highest accreditation level available.

When first elected, CEC monthly meetings were closed to the public and Co-Op equity was 14%. Low equity meant higher interest rates for borrowing money to fund much needed projects such as improved tree clearing, circuit rebuilds and hydro canal repairs.

Today our equity level has more than doubled to 30%, payout of capital credits have resumed.

I’m proud of the accomplishments the board has made to date, and the steps taken have improved transparency and prepared us well for the future. I ask for your continued support as together we build a better Co-Op.