Donald Moore

District A Candidate


Born and raised in Michigan, I am a full-time resident of Hessel, in district A. I am running for the director position because my background and experience will add value to Cloverland’s board and the cooperative. Cloverland’s business and value for its members are dependent on several factors: (1) the cooperative’s infrastructure maintenance and expansion, (2) understanding the state and federal legal and laws that govern the cooperative’s operations, (3) maintaining positive relationships with state and federal legislative and regulatory bodies and (4) keeping electric rates and operational expenses reasonable, while investing for the future.

My professional activities are as a lawyer, investor, and project developer. As managing partner of my law firm, U.S. Legal Advisors, PLLC ( visit the US Legal Advisors website), I focus on global security, transportation, and infrastructure matters. To add to my experience with global infrastructure projects, locally, I'm a partner in the Soo Locks renovation project and the command and control center coming to Chippewa County Airport. I am also developing the Hessel Hub Industrial Park. I recently was the lead advisor on the refinancing of a significant electric facility.

As a lawyer, I have knowledge and experience of the state and federal laws that govern the cooperative. I also have an MBA and have held senior financial positions, including as audit committee member on several for-profit and not-for-profit boards. I serve as Vice Chairman of the Great Lakes Boat Building School in Cedarville. I have strong relationships in Lansing and Washington, DC, including as legal counsel to the Defense & Aerospace Caucus of the Michigan Legislature. I ask for your vote in order to apply my background experience for the benefit of the cooperative. You can find more information about me at my Moore For You website. Thank you.