Richard Tuhro

District B Candidate

Sault Ste. Marie

I am a full-time resident of the Sault Ste. Marie area. I will represent you and attend the meetings in person. I am running for the Cloverland board because it can benefit from my technical and management training and experience.

Cloverland has invested in technical and management skilled staff and should continue to do so. As a Cloverland director, I can bring the background to the board to enable and complement those investments. I expect to learn much from the cooperative's members, directors, and management. I'll apply my engineering and management knowledge to help you achieve the cooperative's vision and mission. We must provide you with affordable, reliable, and clean electric power. I will work to build consensus with the board to address the problems and emerging challenges. We must:

  • Accommodate mandated energy evolution.
  • Meet the demand expansions needed for the growth of the UP economy.
  • Prepare for the renegotiation of our energy purchase contract with Wisconsin Electric.
  • I will prioritize member education and feedback to modify our new rate structure. We will make it a win for the cooperative and its members.

Education and Professional History:
BS Degree in Electrical Engineering, Penn State University
Pennsylvania Professional Engineer, EIT
Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Chief Engineer, Computer Identics Corp.
Principal Engineer, Xerox Corp.
Private pilot, Amateur Extra Class Ham License

Members who wish to share views on the future of their cooperative or discuss my qualifications, I invite you to contact me on my cell phone at 906-440-8051, Facebook, or email at I will have postings making suggestions for you to optimize for the new demand rate.

If elected, I promise to devote quality time to improving our Coop, and most of all, I will listen to you! May I have your support?