Jill Eyre

District A Candidate

St. Ignace

I am interested in representing District A on the Cloverland Board of Directors. I was born and raised in Midland, MI. I have a Bachelor’s from CMU and a Master’s from Antioch New England. I lived 23 years on the eastern coast managing/directing townships and non-profits - economic development, housing and planning departments and the Eastern Division of the U.S. Ski Association. I moved back to MI in 2000 as the Mackinac County Administrator, then later, the City Manager of Douglas, and the Housing Director and  Equalization clerk for Arenac County. I have owned my house in St. Ignace since 2000.  I understand the challenges businesses, employees, citizens and our community faces being dependent upon a tourism economy. I have been involved with various community groups throughout the years, trying to give back to the area where I lived. I am currently semi-retired, working at the St. Ignace Library part time and I also run an Airbnb out of my house. I became more interested in Cloverland when I was appointed to the Cloverland Cares Board a little over a year ago. I have enjoyed learning more about our cooperative, the challenges they face and the progress they have made being one of the most economical electric cooperatives in the State. I have enjoyed promoting District A food programs and scholarships, encouraging their application and securing financial assistance through Cloverland Cares.  I am not afraid to ask ‘hard questions’ or voice my opinion to help our members. I am available and will respond to member questions/issues. If I don’t know the answer I will reach out to those who do and respond. My interests - gardening, golf, cross country skiing, hiking, reading and working on my house.