Cap Tracking

Michigan’s Electric Customer Choice program permits you to shop for power supply for your business from a diverse market of licensed alternative electric suppliers (AES). If you are an electric business customer of Consumers Energy Company, DTE Electric Company, Upper Peninsula Power Company, Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation or Cloverland Electric Cooperative, you may choose to shop for your power supply through an AES or continue to get your electric supply from your current electric utility under existing regulated rates (note: rates of Cloverland are not regulated by the MPSC).

However, under state law, no more than 10 percent of an electric utility’s average weather-adjusted retail sales for the preceding calendar year may take service from an AES at any time. If your utility’s 10 percent cap is fully subscribed, you will be placed in their queue.

Due to the limit on participation, no licensed AESs are currently marketing or enrolling residential customers.

The rates of AESs are not regulated. Your power supply will continue to be delivered by your local electric utility regardless of which alternative electric supplier you choose.

Cloverland Electric Cooperative’s Cap Tracking data as of March 26, 2021:

  • Total 2020 Retail Sales — 739,339 megawatt-hour
  • 2020 Weather Adjusted Retail Sales — 734,683 megawatt-hour:
  • 2021 10% Cap — 73,468 MWh
  • Current Participation — 73,468 megawatt-hour — 10.0%
  • Energy Allotment Available — 0 megawatt-hour — 0.0%
  • Allotments in Queue — 0 megawatt-hour
  • Enrollments in Queue — 0

For more information, please contact Cory Wilson at 906-632-5193.