April Ice Storm Summary 4/5

Open Outages: 479 
Restored Outages: 9,041 

8 PM Storm Update: Cloverland crews restored 9,041 ice-storm-related outages on Wednesday, April 5. By 8 PM, Cloverland had about 479 remaining outages across 40 locations. The outage numbers peaked in the early afternoon with about 4,000 outages in over 100 locations across Cloverland's five-county service territory. Many downed lines and trees slowed restoration efforts throughout the day. Cloverland members were encouraged to prepare for an overnight outage if their power was not restored by 8 PM. Crews will work until safety rest is mandated at 10 PM. Restoration efforts will resume Thursday morning.

Storm summary: Cloverland’s five-county service territory experienced a wintery blend of rain, ice, wind and snow in the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 5, 2023. At 4 AM, outages were around 916 across 14 townships; by 10 AM, outages had climbed to about 3,700 across 33 townships. Outage restoration efforts are ongoing, but many downed trees and lines are slowing progress. However, Cloverland crews have successfully restored over 4,200 outages since 2 AM on April 5. Outage numbers will likely continue to fluctuate due to strong winds across Cloverland’s service territory.

Cloverland encourages members to report outages with the SmartHub mobile app or by calling 800-562-4953. In addition, members can follow restoration progress using the cooperative’s outage map.

Outage updates will be posted on Cloverland.com and social media at 11 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM and 8 PM. 

For more information, contact: Abby Bell, communications specialist - abell@cloverland.com (906) 440-0609. 

Ice storm damage April 2023
A downed tree caused by the April 5 ice storm