Capital Credits

Capital credits are cash back over time for co-op members. Electric co-ops aren’t like other utilities. We exist to ensure the needs of our member-owners are met and not to make a profit. Revenue over and above the cost of operating the co-op are considered “margins.” These margins represent an interest-free loan of operating capital by the membership to the co-op. Annually, we allocate margins to our members as “capital credits.” Capital credits are retired and refunded to members over time.

Donate Your Capital Credits to Cloverland Cares

You may also download the Cloverland Cares Capital Credit Donation Form (PDF).

Unclaimed Capital Credits

Capital credits remain on record in a member’s account even if the account is inactive and a member has moved out of the service area. Credits remain on accounts until scheduled retirement year(s) when they are refunded. We make every effort to locate members entitled to capital credit checks using all available resources. However, many capital credit refunds remain unclaimed. The co-op permanently retains unclaimed refunds after five years.

If you or someone you know had electric service with Cloverland Electric Cooperative and moved out of the area, you or the former member could be entitled to a capital credit check. Capital credits of a deceased member may be paid at a discount to the estate without waiting for a general retirement. However, estate payments are not automatic. An estate representative must submit a certification of entitlement form and a copy of the death certificate. Contact member services (800-562-4953) for guidance or complete the form below.

To search a list of members by last name with unclaimed capital credits, select the appropriate directory below. Businesses and organizations may also be listed.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

To claim a capital credit check, fill out the online form or download, print, and return the Capital Credits Claim Form (PDF).

Capital Credits Claim Form