Billing Options

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a payment plan to level-out payments throughout the year, sparing you from unpredictable bills that result from seasonal usage variations.

Budget Billing does not reduce your overall energy expense, but it makes managing your household budget easier. It simply spreads out your annual energy expense over a 12-month period so you know your monthly payment.

Enroll by calling Member Services at (800) 562-4953 during regular business hours.

Paperless Billing

Paperless billing is a free, optional service for members who prefer to pay bills online and receive monthly statements by email. Paperless billing impacts our environment and saves money by reducing printing and mailing expenses. Help conserve costs and keep electric rates affordable by choosing paperless today!

Sign up with SmartHub Mobile App

  • Login and select “more”
  • Select “paperless billing”
  • Toggle paper bill status to “off” and confirm

Sign up with SmartHub Online

  • Login and select “my profile”
  • Select update “my paperless setting”
  • Toggle paper bill status to “off” and confirm


  • Check email spam filtering and junk mail to ensure bill statements are delivered to your inbox.
  • Update your SmartHub account when you change your email address.
  • You can always switch back to a mailed bill via your SmartHub account at any time.

How to Read My Bill

View an example of a Cloverland Electric Cooperative bill.