Cloverland Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit electric utility owned and democratically controlled by the members we serve. As a member-owner, you have a voice in the co-op through the members you elect to serve on the board of directors. Our service area is divided into three districts: A, B, and C. Each district is represented by three directors elected by the members of that district to serve a three-year term. One seat in each district is up for election every year. Director elections occur in May. With a bylaw update in 2021, members can now vote by mailed ballots or electronically. Background information on director candidates can be found in the May | June issue of Cloverland Connections, our website, and the cooperative’s Facebook and LinkedIn sites. Election results will be presented at the annual meeting of the members in June.

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Interested in serving on Cloverland Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors?

Director candidates must meet director qualifications outlined in Cloverland’s bylaws and file a petition for nomination with valid signatures of at least 25 members from his or her district.

The 2023 nominating petitions are available January 3, 2023.  For a petition and information packet, please leave a message at 906-632-5143. Nominating petitions and supporting documents must be electronically submitted or returned to the co-op’s administration office at 725 E. Portage Avenue in Sault Ste. Marie by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 3, 2023.

Ballots mail April 28, 2023 and voting ends May 26, 2023. Members can vote by mailed ballots or electronic voting. Director candidate information will be presented on Cloverland.com, Cloverland’s social media channels and the May | June issue of Cloverland Connections. Election results will be presented at the annual meeting of the members on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Please call (906) 632-5143 or email elections@cloverland.com if you have questions regarding the director election process.

A business or other entity, such as a firm, association, corporation, partnership or governmental unit, must designate on its stationary the representative who is authorized to cast a vote on behalf of the entity and file the designation with the cooperative by the date of record, March 31, 2023.

Voter Designation Letter

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post a link to the direct voting site on social media?

Pursuant to Campaign Conduct Guidance Section 1(a), a candidate is prohibited from representing or implying in any campaign communication that the candidate is endorsed by the cooperative, the board of directors, an individual director or a cooperative employee.  Because attaching a link to Cloverland’s website could be perceived as an endorsement by the cooperative, candidates should not provide such links in campaign material.  As a practical matter, a link to the voting site would not allow members to vote in the election because each member has a unique logon that is necessary to vote.