Rates & Charges

Electric Rates

Cloverland Electric Cooperative has maintained the same rates since 2017 (updated June 2019 for capacity component)

Residential (RES1) Rate
Energy $.04330 per kilowatt-hour
Energy-Capacity $.04819 per kilowatt-hour
Facility Charge $23.75 per meter
Energy Optimization Surcharge $.00197 per kilowatt-hour
General Service (GEN1 and GEN3) Rate
Energy $.06658 per kilowatt-hour
Energy-Capacity $.02917 per kilowatt-hour
Facility Charge – single-phase (GEN1) $25.60 per meter
Facility Charge – three-phase (GEN3) $40.60  per meter
Energy Optimization Surcharge $3.37 per meter
Large Power (LP) Rate
Energy $.06872 per kilowatt-hour
Energy-Capacity $.00824 per kilowatt-hour
Large Power (LP) Demand $8.80 per kilowatt-hour
Monthly Facility Charge $110.00 per meter
Monthly Energy Optimization Surcharge $183.99 per meter

Construction Fees & Deposits

See Governance page for more information.

Members will pay the following charges related to the Cooperative’s construction policy. The following fees are not all-inclusive and do not include custom estimates for design costs, calculated deposits, or project-specific Aid-to-Construction costs. Fees listed here are specifically referenced in the Cooperative’s construction policy. See Construction Policy–Section VI for details.

Construction Service Fee
New Service or Upgrade of Existing Service Application $25
Outdoor Protective Lighting (OPL) Application $25
Make-Ready Pole Attachment Application $25
Service Connection $75
Competitive Bidding Job Estimate Fee $100
Temporary Service Monthly Fee $20
Submarine Service to Island Permit Deposit $2,000
Permit Application Deposit $1,000

Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR)

The PSCR charge on your electric bill is a fuel-cost adjustment factor used by utilities to reconcile for fluctuations in purchased power costs. This charge can change monthly and may be a credit, charge, or no charge, depending on power supply costs. The PSCR is billed per kwh used. Current month and prior month charges are shown below.

Month Charge Per Kwh
October 2022 $0.00600
November 2022 $0.00600

Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR)

What is PSCR?
Starting in February, you’ll notice a new charge on your monthly electric bill — a line item titled: PSCR.
Power Supply Cost Recovery, or PSCR, is fuel-cost adjustment factor used by utilities to reconcile for fluctuations in purchased power costs. In essence, this cost helps Cloverland pay for wholesale power and fuel. Adjusting this factor when needed allows the co-op to stay on budget since fuel costs fluctuate.

How much will my bill go up?
PSCR increased to $0.006 per kilowatt-hour, effective January 1, 2022. For an average residential member using 750 kWh per month, the increase will be equivalent to approximately $4.50 per month.
Does Cloverland profit from PSCR? What is the reason for the increase?
Cloverland is a not-for-profit electric utility. The PSCR factor is a direct pass-through of power supply costs that allows the co-op to manage its budget. 56 cents on every dollar Cloverland spends goes directly toward power supply. That leaves just 44 cents to pay for materials, payroll and other costs to maintain our power lines and infrastructure. PSCR keeps our co-op from further dipping into the small portion used to meet our operating needs.

Think of it like the cost of your car – monthly payments stay the same (kWh rates), but gasoline prices fluctuate (PSCR), along with other costs to maintain the car.

Why did PSCR change?
Over the past year (2021), transmission and fuel costs have increased significantly. With rising costs, Cloverland needs to be able to pay for the delivery of the electricity to all co-op members – residential, commercial and industrial. This PSCR adjustment ensures the co-op can cover increased power supply costs for all members.
How long will the PSCR be at $0.006?
Through careful management, Cloverland has been able to keep PSCR at zero for three years (2019-2021). However, due to increasing costs, we must increase PSCR to cover our expenses. You can expect to see the PSCR adjustment on your billing statements for the foreseeable future, however it might not always reflect a charge. At times it may be $0 or even a credit. The number you see there will adjust based on the need to fund fluctuating power supply costs.

With more intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar on the grid, there is more exposure to price hikes in back-up sources such as natural gas and diesel. This problem is not unique for Cloverland but rather a trend that is impacting our entire regional power grid. Cloverland continues to search for ways to mitigate these increases.

Supplemental Service Charges

The cooperative will assess special charges for services that are reasonable and necessary to discourage abuse and to minimize subsidy of such services by other co-op members. The following charges shall apply where applicable. Regular working hours are defined as 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday except for the following holidays: New Year’s Eve Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day.


Service Charge
Any special service at member’s request – outside working hours $200
Any special service at member’s request – during working hours $75
Meter test charge (includes meter reading) – field test required $75
Connect / Reconnect charge outside working hours $200
Disconnect for non-payment (DNP) field trip fee $75
Disconnect at pole – during working hours $100
Non-sufficient funds charge $30
Deposit interest 1%
Unauthorized use of electricity penalty $1,000
Membership fee $5
Late payment penalty 2%
Transfer service-no service interruption $20