Outage Alerts

**Outage restored at 1:55am after crews replaced equipment**
Outage Alert (1:45am): We currently have about 450 outages affecting members in Germfask and Portage Townships. Crews are on scene working to restore.


This page is updated when outages affect more than 200 services.

Linemen climbing power pole during winter in the snow.Follow our Facebook page for updates on outages. View our Interactive Outage Map or view the map on SmartHub.

During large-scale outages, restoration times are often unknown. We will keep you informed on restoration efforts here and on Facebook so you can plan accordingly.

Report an Outage

  1. Call (800) 562-4953 to report an outage.
  2. Report through your SmartHub account online or on your mobile device.

Procedure for Restoring Power

Our first response is to resolve outages that affect the largest number of members. The electrical distribution system is similar to our highway system. Taps off the main circuit lines are similar to state highways. Service wires to the individual customers that come from the taps approximate the local streets. Lastly, service entrances act as driveways to the member’s home.

We begin our repairs by concentrating on the main circuits. If there are no damaged taps associated with line, the line is re-energized and the member’s power restored. If there are damaged taps along the line then those system repairs are completed next. Following these repairs, the crews then focus on the removal of trees and limbs from the roadways. This will enable the crews to access individual service wires located near your home and make the necessary repairs.

Outage Restoration Diagram (PDF)