Outage Alerts

*** Outage restored at 12:16 AM when crew cleared tree from the line. ***
Outage alert (12/4/22, 11:55 PM): We have approximately 880 outages in Brimley. Our crew is removing a tree from the line and will restore power within a half hour.

Outage update (12/3/22, 6:00 PM): Thankfully our outage count is down to 28 after crews cleared trees from lines all afternoon. Crews will continue working until all services are restored.

Outage update (12/3/22, 2:00 PM): Line crews are doing their best to make headway, but persistent wind is causing additional outages. Currently, we have 900 outages in 10 locations across Chippewa and Mackinac counties. Crews will continue working to get lights on for members but with the forecast, we do expect outages to fluctuate through the day. Please stay tuned to our outage map:

Outage update (12/3/22, 10:30 AM): With strong winds across our service area, outages will fluctuate through the day. We currently have approximately 1,000 outages in 35 locations in Chippewa, Mackinac and Luce counties. Crews are dispatched and working hard to battle very windy conditions. Please stay tuned to our outage map:  https://bit.ly/2MLQTlp

OUTAGE ALERT (12/3/22, 7:30 AM): With strong winds across Chippewa & Mackinac counties, we currently have 500 outages – primarily in Whitefish township. Crews are dispatched throughout our service area and they will continue to respond as outages fluctuate through the day.

Next updates 10:30 AM, 2 PM, 6PM, 10 PM. Meantime, stay tuned to our outage map:

Outages affecting 200 or more members will be reported and updated on this page and on Cloverland’s Facebook page.