Electrical Inspections

Cloverland employees standing near truck.An electrical inspector must approve your new service or service upgrade. If you are completing the work yourself, it is up to you to schedule the inspection; otherwise, the electrical contractor will do it for you. Once your service is approved, the electrical inspector will notify our member services department and provide us with an official release.

Requesting an Electrical Inspection

Electrical Diagrams

The following diagrams have been provided as a guide for planning purposes. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure each electrical project complies with the most recent issue of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and any other federal, state, or local codes that may apply.

Short Circuit Information Request Form

  • Please provide the following information for your request to be processed. Incomplete forms will be returned to the contractor for completion. Please allow up to 5 business day to process your request.
  • Contractor Information

  • Member/Service Information