Miss Dig – 811

Miss Dig System is a statewide one-call construction safety and utility damage-prevention company. Homeowners or excavators can call Miss Dig at (800) 482-7171 or 811, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to process emergency and non-emergency utility location requests. Always call before you dig and allow three full working days. The Miss Dig System member utilities will mark the approximate location of their underground public lines at no charge. You can now submit your request online at the Miss Dig website.

Safety Reminder to Parents

The colorful flags used to mark underground utilities can be attractive to young children. Remind your child/children not to remove the utility flags. Do not attempt to place the flags back in the ground. Never assume you remember where the flags were located.

Michigan’s Utility Color Code

Red = Electric. Orange = Telephone, Cable TV, Fire and Police Communications. Yellow = Gas and oil. Green = Storm Drains. Blue = Water Systems. Brown = Sewer Systems. Pink = Surveying