Cloverland Reassures Members on Service Reliability Amid Capacity Concerns

DAFTER, Mich.— (June 7, 2022) A recent report published by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), the organization responsible for overseeing the electric grid across 15 states and one Canadian province, detailed the summer outlook for its region. The MISO report warns of potential generation capacity issues in the Midwest that could lead to rolling brownouts or blackouts. As a result, many electric utilities across the Midwest are emphasizing the dire nature of the MISO report to prepare customers for the potential of rolling brownouts or blackouts on peak energy use days. However, Cloverland Electric Cooperative wants to reassure its 34,000 members that its Eastern Upper Peninsula service territory is highly unlikely to be affected.

Cloverland exists within the MISO Local Resource Zone 2, which includes the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the eastern half of Wisconsin. Within that zone, MISO identified ample generation to meet and exceed energy needs of customers, including the members served by Cloverland.

“Members should take comfort in knowing Cloverland is in MISO’s Zone 2 region with ample generation available to meet forecasted summer electricity demands,” states Cloverland’s Chief Operating Officer, Pat Frazier. “We do not expect rolling blackouts or brownouts related to generation issues this summer even during peak temperature days that cause energy use to surge.”

Cloverland’s staff stays in consistent contact with MISO daily operations personnel. MISO is prepared for events that might stress the service area and calling for unusual actions to ensure the stability of electricity delivered to its customers. Cloverland is preparing for similar stress events by closely monitoring its generation available to run at peak capabilities and ensuring its distribution system is ready. In addition, the cooperative’s operators are ready to respond in a timely manner should an event cause an unlikely loss of power due to lack of generation.

Cloverland Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit, member-owned utility located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. With hydropower making up nearly half its fuel mix, the cooperative powers 43,000 meters across 4,000 miles of power line for more than 34,000 residential and business members in Chippewa, Delta, Mackinac, Luce and Schoolcraft counties.

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