Cloverland Warns Members to Stay Alert of Scam Calls

Due to a major surge in scam calls, Cloverland Electric Cooperative warns its business and residential members to stay alert of calls threatening to disconnect electrical service. The cooperative, which services the Eastern Upper Peninsula, reports that its small business members have been targeted in a widespread scam. Scammers identify themselves as representatives from Cloverland Electric and threaten to disconnect electrical service if a payment is not made immediately over the phone. Members should be aware that Cloverland’s member services team does not take credit card information by phone. Instead, the cooperative uses a secure automated pay-by-phone system (844-843-6837, which is printed on billing statements).

Signs of a scam call include a sense of urgency and actions that do not align with cooperative protocol, including:

  • Threatening to disconnect service if payment is not made immediately by phone;
  • Demanding a pre-paid credit card so there is no dispute with the bank;
  • A specific name or truck number of the person coming to disconnect service.

One safeguard to scam calls is enrolling in the cooperative’s Auto Pay service. This free service ensures monthly payments are made automatically on the due date, eliminating any risk for non-payment and disconnect status. Members should contact Cloverland’s member services team to enroll. Members can also use the free SmartHub app to check their account status.

“We urge our members to report suspicious calls and adopt an attitude of ‘when in doubt, call member services to check it out,’” said Cloverland’s Chief Financial Officer, Lisa Castilho, who oversees members services and billing.

Cloverland reminds its members that no matter what circumstances or reasons given to make a payment by phone, members should simply hang up. Scam calls should be reported to Cloverland’s members services team at 800-562-4953. Cloverland Electric is not responsible for unauthorized payments made to scammers. If personal or financial information was provided to a spam caller, immediately contact your financial institution.

Cloverland Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit, member-owned utility located in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula. With over 4,000 miles of line and 43,000 meters, Cloverland serves 34,000 residential, commercial and industrial members in Chippewa, Mackinac, Luce, Schoolcraft and Delta counties.

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