Enhancing Infrastructure: Garden Peninsula Substation

The need for enhanced infrastructure in the Garden Peninsula was identified in 2013 through the cooperative’s construction work plan. Cloverland staff worked with American Transmission Company (ATC) coordinating a plan for the cooperative to build a new substation adjacent to the ATC’s Garden Corners Switching Station. Cloverland began design plans in 2019, construction commenced in 2020 and the Garden Peninsula substation was completed in 2021.

Crews work on the Garden Peninsula expansion

The Garden Peninsula substation was the foundation of the infrastructure project, followed by a nine and a quarter mile long line enhancement converting delta circuits (three phase wires) to w. Moving the source of energy (substation) closer and converting lines to wye improves voltage support and reliability for all members in the Garden Peninsula and  greater Manistique region. Upon completion of the line enhancement in June 2022, load was officially transferred to the Garden Peninsula substation.

This infrastructure upgrade was the first step in a broad project for the western end of the cooperative’s Eastern Upper Peninsula service territory. Cloverland plans to continue converting delta circuits to wye, ensuring a strong network between substations and greater energy flexibility for the Manistique area.

The new Garden Peninsula substation and line enhancements are physical examples of Cloverland’s mission – delivering reliable energy solutions to members. This project was led by Cloverland system engineers, Josh Eimiller and Simon Meilstrup, and assisted by all 13 members of Cloverland’s talented engineering department.

“This project meets one milestone infrastructure upgrade objective for the cooperative,” Cloverland’s Director of Engineering, Brian Lavey states. “Cloverland’s engineering department is proud of this major accomplishment, and we will continue to enhance the cooperative’s energy grid.”

Cloverland is thankful to Hydaker-Wheatlake and Newkirk Electric for their work on the Garden Peninsula substation and CC Power for supporting the line enhancement.