Auto Pay

Enrolling in Auto Pay allows your electric bill to be automatically deducted from your bank account, debit or credit card each month. It’s the easiest way to ensure your electric bill is always paid on time, every time!

Enroll or Update a Payment Method

Add or update Auto Pay methods in your SmartHub mobile app or SmartHub online. Follow these simple steps:

  • Login to SmartHub
  • Select the “Billing and Payments” menu
  • Select “Auto Pay Program”
  • Add or update your payment methods

Register for a SmartHub account.

Auto Pay F.A.Q.

I am interested in Auto Pay but I don't have internet access. How can I use this service?

Members without reliable service can still sign up for Auto Pay by using a checking or savings account. You can sign up in our office or over the phone. View our Auto Pay enrollment form (PDF).

Auto Pay is no longer a convenient option for me. How do I cancel?

Members can update or cancel Auto Pay through their SmartHub online or SmartHub mobile app. If you need further assistance, you can call member services at (800) 562-4953.

Can I change my payment date?

If you find your due date is not convenient, please contact us for a possible billing cycle change which results in a change in due date.

If you have additional questions, please contact member services at (800) 562-4953.