Isaac Swisher

District C Candidate


I’m Isaac Swisher and I’ve decided to run for a seat on this board for the following reasons.  I’ve done my research on many other cooperatives across America and many others pay there customers something called a Patronage Dividend Reimbursement check if they show a profit.  And to my knowledge our board hasn’t looked into this.  I would like to especially now with inflation so high and electric going up! Which brings me to my second issue and I would like to see something done about which is why the increase and fight to lower it!  It shouldn’t be a descision between paying a higher electric bill or gas/food/medicines.  I believe the increase of 1.79$ will impact us much more than originally thought.

My background is of a regular guy that has operated under the assumption that the customer comes first! I have experience on committees-sub-committees and boards, success in building up a small business and have certificates in Economics-Public Policy and Statesmanship.  Come election time I would appreciate you spreading the word, your support and vote.  Let’s keep it simple and keep our focus on customers!  If  you have any questions I’m on Facebook and I’ll be more than happy to answer any you have.

God Bless,
Isaac Swisher